The Archetype Influence Mix 
Access the unique, psychologically based brand positioning that will
attract more of the clients you dream about working with.


Uncover who you truly are as a brand
and gain the unfair advantage that

make you exceptional in
your industry.


Pop quiz: What do the marketing strategies of global brands like Coca Cola, Apple and Louis Vuitton have in common?

They’ve learned to use human psychology to speak directly to the heart of their ideal client, creating campaigns, loyal followings, and company cultures that have made them global household names for decades.
And now, it’s your turn.

What is The Archetype Influence Mix?

It’s a collegiately accredited, psychological assessment based on the work of social psychologist Carl Jung and our CEO Jennifer Kem’s 20+ years in brand building that identifies your brands unique advantage in the marketplace.

And this is your opportunity to get it for only $250 $97.


(Full disclosure: due to the nature of the AIM license, I will not be able to offer refunds.)

What's the value of knowing your brand Archetype Influence Mix?


Your unique mix works as the compass that identifies the marketing message that attracts your ideal client like a magnet.

A strategic understanding of psychological language that will trigger your ideal client to resonate with your brand.
A clear understanding of how to draw your audience in and choosing your brand by speaking directly to their psychological motivators. 
A strategic overview of how your passions, talents, and life & business philosophies work together to grow your business most effectively.

Your purchase unlocks access to three beautifully detailed, AIM reports, which reveal:

Your Dominant Archetype: This is the most crucial reference point for every move your brand makes; including your strategy, brand values, content, language, aesthetics and offers.

Your Intrinsic Archetype: This“fills in the blanks”, and provides a deeper look into your brand’s identity.

Your Intuitive Archetype: This “backs you up”, and helps you make informed decisions with complete confidence.

But don’t take our word for it.

Read what past students have to say about learning their Archetype Influence Mix:


"Learning I was an Explorer, Healer, Sage changed everything and I love having this foundation to come back to when I feel my message veering back into the other energies. When I'm square in my Explorer I feel JOY and CONNECTION, two of my most coveted feelings." - Taryn Mason


"Now that I know I'm an Advocate, Alchemist, Sage, I am awakened to the simple, overwhelming fact that I can have it all (I don't have to be just one of the archetypes that have driven me; in fact, me trying to be just one is one of the things that has been holding me back all these years!)" - Dave Hime


"Just now after reading through the material I came up with the clearest definition [of what I do]. That's the clearest I've been in 6 years of doing business. People were not joking, this module is worth the price of admission." -Joeli Kelly

Discover your brand's unique advantage.